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You're viewing Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Cheat Codes

Game Name : Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
System : Saturn
Date Added : 2005-06-25 23:32:00
Views : 42263

The Stages
Streets: 079-035
Bridge: 077-022
Shao Khan's Cave: 004-700
Ermac's Portal: 933-933
Noob Saibot's Dorfen: 050-050
Subway: 880-088
Scorpion's Lair (Hell): 666-444
Pit 3: 820-028
Roof Top: 343-343
Soul Chamber: 123-901
Temple: 600-040
The Waterfront: 002-003
The Grave Yard: 666-333
Jade's Desert: 330-033
Bell Tower: 091-190
Shao Khan's Tower: 880-220

Kombat Codes
Boss Codes
Mileena 700 723
Classic Sub Zero 760 520
Ermac 964 240

Go See The Mk Live Tour: 550-550
Rain Can Be Found In The Grave Yard: 717-313
There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power!: 123-926
Pub! D.K.P.: 300-003
It Should Work!?: 200-002
It's Your Sprite Routine! M.A.H.: 100-001
Hold Flippers During Casino Run: 987-666
No Fear, Max Countdown, E B Button,Skydive: 282-282
Whacha Gun Do? E.B.: 004-400
Skunky!!: 122-221
Don't Jump At Me: 448-844

Freeplay Mode
At the Skull screen (before the game starts), press Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down.

P1 1/2 Energy: 033-000
P2 1/2 Energy: 000-033
P1 1/4 Energy: 707-000
P2 1/4 Energy: 000-707
Super Endurance: 024-689
P1 Does 1/2 The Damage: 390-000
P2 Does 1/2 The Damage: 000-390
No Special Moves: 555-556
Combos Disabled: 722-722
Unikkorn Referi-Sans Power: 044-440
(You Start On Round 3 With 1% Energy)
Throwing Disabled: 100-100
Blocking Disabled: 020-020

Extra Treasures
If you've beaten the game and gone to the Treasures of Shao Kahn, go to the last treasure, press Right, and press Right once more to get more treasure.

Other Codes
Invisible Energy Bars: 987-123
Show The Revision #: 999-999
Unlimited Run: 466-466
Super Endurance: 024-689
Hyper Run Jumps: 321-789
Play Galaga: 642-468
Uppercut Recovery: 788-322

Different Kombats
Real Kombat: 040-404
Psycho Kombat: 985-125
Randper Kombat: 444-444 or 460-460
Dark Kombat: 688-422
Silent Kombat: 300-300

Cheat Menu
To access the cheat menu, press C, R, A, Z, Y, C, Y, R, A, X at the title screen. Next, press Start and Up at the Kombat Kube to reveal a blue question mark. Choose it to access the cheat menu. Note that you must turn Fatality Time OFF to get unlimited fatality time.

Winner of the 1st Round Fights
Classic Smoke: 205-205
Noob Saibot: 769-342
Motaro: 969-141
Shao Khan: 033-564

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