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You're viewing XMen vs Street Fighter Cheat Codes

Game Name : XMen vs Street Fighter
System : Saturn
Date Added : 2005-01-25 16:07:38
Views : 39828

Hold <-- (back) at Magneto on thcharacter select screen. Now the cursor will move randomly.Try to stop at Wolverine.If you can,you can choose two Wolverines or any other 2 same characters. Good luck!

Additional Colors
Press C or Z when you select your character. There are two new colors in the Saturn version exclusively.

Beat Them While They're Down
After the screen says K.O. when you win press START and you can beat up the character that you destroyed. Have Fun!

Chun-Li's Street Fighter Alpha Costume
Go to Chun-Li and press and hold START for five seconds, then press any button and you will see that Chun-Li is in a different Costume.

Combo Gauge
Beat the game twice and get the following option: COMBO GAUGE "Normal" is regular (ie: build up with attacks), and "Full" is already level three, and stays that way.

Play as Akume
Go to the uppermost character and press UP to select Akuma.

Play as Alpha Chun-Li
To play as Chun-Li in her Street Fighter Alpha costume, hold START while highlighting her then press any button.

Play as Gouki
Highlight any character in the top row then press START.

Play as the Same Character
Complete the game in normal mode and start a new game. You can now choose any character twice.

Quick Credit Scroll
If you are getting tired of watching the credits scroll, hold down the START button and they will quickly speed through.

Random Select
Highlight any character on the left-hand or right-hand side of the screen, then press and hold LEFT or RIGHT (depending on which side of the screen you chose) until the random selection starts. Now press any button to choose a random fighter.

Rematch in Vs. Mode
When the winner is saying thier victory words, have the loser press Left Shift or Right Shift to start a rematch.

Sharper Sound Effects
At the Options screen highlight AUDIO and press L or R to select "Sharp SE" mode.

Speed Select
Place the difficulty on 1 star and finish 5 diffrent teams with team combos. Once you beat the game, go to the options screen and now you can change the speed from 2 to 8 stars.

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