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You're viewing Shining Force III Cheat Codes

Game Name : Shining Force III
System : Saturn
Date Added : 2005-01-25 15:37:11
Views : 38664

Clear Attack Screen
During a magic or physical attack press and hold the START button. When you do, the level and health boxes that block much of the screen will turn off.

Beat the Skull Lord
Right before the final battle, when your under the draw bridge, you'll see another room. After you go though some fighting trials, you'll come to the ultra tough Skull Lord. He casts a spell called "Timat" that causes enough damage to kill instantly. Heres a tip. If you have lots of men around you, the damage is less because the timat has to hit them, too. If you beat him, you'll get the Justice Sword and the Timat Staff, which lets you cast the "Timat" spell.

Battle Difficulty & Music Select
Beat the entire game and collect all the hidden characters Noon, Pen, Rachet, Hagane, and Frank. After beating the game, save it so your save game says "Complete." From now on the OPTIONS screen will show a new option where you can choose your difficulty level and play the game's music.

A Hiding Place after the Final Battle
During the final battle, the team is split into two groups. One group fights on the bridge, while the other group releases water from the dam. After the fight (and when all of the water has been released), the entire party must move to safety or get swept away by the tide. The band will find shelter behind the city gate the wall with a door using a layered regimen of three.

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